Our blogging crew (in order of appearance)

Dariusz Porowski (Dariusz.Porowski#predica.pl)

Famous for uncompromising commitment to creativity and out-of-the-box thinking which resulted in numerous breakthrough solutions. A zealous mountaneer sticking to his principle ‘climb now, work later‘ – words which sound rather ambiguous in the mouth of someone who ‘climbs clouds’ in the office. His architectural and state-of-the-art approach to solutions took him to the IT elite and make capable of dealing with all types of most challenging tasks. Recently focused on infrastructure management solutions, including Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud within the Microsoft technologies. He is also Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Hyper-V expertise.

Besides blogging here Darek is also writing on his personal tech blog (most in Polish) and you can follow him on Twitter.

Tomek Onyszko (Tomasz.Onyszko#predica.pl)

Blog’s founding father (so all complaints for blog content or its mechanics should come here 😉 ). Professionally and not only Identity, access management and privacy is in his blood system for long time and this is what he does at Predica – evangelizing our customers and team on this subject and thinking about next “THING” in this area. When he’s mind is not somewhere in a cloud thinking about it, his duties at Predica are in solution architecture areas. MVP, consultant with years of background in various companies and positions, trainer. You can follow-up Tomek on his Twitter.

Paweł Szczecki (Pawel.Szczecki#predica.pl)

Predica’s icon for architect and consultant. There is no business process or challenge in system architecture he would not dare to take and break solve. Dedicated to mission to deploy SharePoint on every server farm on Earth and beyond that he is performing duties of Architect in application development and SharePoint solutions area.
In his free time enjoying true spirit of freedom on his motorcycle.

Adam Janson (Adam.Janson#predica.pl)

Our young but skillful Business Inteligence solutions consultant. Predica’s pride as Adam is with us since beginning of his professional career. Word is saying that he is crunching any data as easily as his daily dose of cereals for a breakfast. And then just put it all in a beautiful reports … cereals included.

Andrzej Kaźmierczak (Andrzej.Kazmierczak#predica.pl)

Andrzej is a certified system engineer and a consultant in the field of IT security solutions, MS in particular. He specializes in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and technologies such as TMG, UAG, ADFS, ADRMS, MBAM. Within the company he efficiently manages complex projects and takes part in risk analysis or gets involved as a security auditor. His attitude is the epitomy of predica’s philosophy of delivering products and services on time, within budget, of highest quality and with a smile on clients’ faces. Privately also occupied with a myriad of passions and activities, among them stratacoustic and acoustic guitars, table tennis and ’ the bridge’ card game mastered regularly with friends. You can follow-up Andrzej on his Twitter.

Tomasz Gościmiński (Tomasz.Gosciminski#predica.pl)


Andrzej Lipka (Andrzej.Lipka#predica.pl)

CEO, experienced infrastructure architect, leader … not enough to value role Andrzej is playing in our team. He is looking for a new peak to climb on and the goal is to climb them all. No matter if we speak about climbing in free time or professional life. Works in IT by accident but its not an accident that he’s one of the best. In any aspect … example … or just we at Predica like to think in this way;).

Maciej Aniserowicz (Maciej.Aniserowicz#predica.pl)

Dev lead, TDD freak. Maciej is driving our development team in a same way as he is driving his car – fast and furious but safe. Most of ideas we have @Predica for tools or solutions are test driven by Maciej. Brilliant code, performance tweaks, impossible coding ideas … this is what we get out of Maciej’s work here at Predica.

Besides blogging here Maciej is also writing regular on his personal blog (in Polish) and you can follow him on Twitter (highly recommended for fun and learning).