7 habits of highly effective IT consultant

In Predica we believe where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity. To be that guy who sees opportunity, solves problems, we prepared list of what we think are good habits of an effective IT Consultant:

1. Keep up with newest Tech Information

Spend quality time every few days to search most important Web Sites and Blogs.
MYITFORUM, WINDOWSITPRO, ZDNET, BLOGS.TECHNET. You don’t have to read them all but you should know them at least by newest headers. This will help you someday – Customers hire you to be up to date.

2. Keep up with newest general information

When you go at Customer site you should be able speak also with non-technical people.
You should make them feel safe and feel good about themselves. You don’t want to be that guy whom other recognize as “human bits and bytes”.

3. Turn off TV Shows and turn on Channel9

Every week spend some few hours to watch some newest podcast, how to videos.
It will eventually save your time when project comes.

4. Every few weeks do some TechNet Virtual Labs

It gives hands on experiences with ZERO time preparation.

5. Keep up with latest tools

We mean from collaboration and productivity perspective. We mean a little more than newbie level. They will make become more productive, more professional, more organized.

6. Learn from Others, then teach Others

Write blog, create YouTube channel, and give lectures for free. You don’t have to be absolute expert to teach. Read “The Lean Start Up”. Those skills and attitude always pay off.

7. Learn how to learn

Read Fast Reading Techniques, Memorization Techniques, Critical Thinking Techniques so when variables change you know how to get them effectively.
And always expand knowledge

Tomasz Gościmiński