In my previous post I explained how you can execute any query in FIM and see the results. Remember how cumbersome that was?

Today I introduce our next internal project that just got open sourced: FimExplorer. Here is what it looks like (bear in mind that it’s not supposed to be pretty;) ):

And here is what it can do:

  • run any xpath query against FIM
    • you can choose what attributes will be fetched; all are fetched by default
  • find objects by ID
  • display results in grid
  • display single object information in a dialog (double-click the grid row)
  • navigate through references (click on the ID link)
  • export displayed results to XML (this one produces the same results as FIM migration cmdlets: Export-FIMConfig / ConvertTo-FIMResource / ConvertFrom-FIMResource, read MSDN for more info)
  • import objects from XML (generated by FimExplorer or FIM cmdlets) and show them in grid; this can be useful for “offline” analysis
  • it is not required to run on a machine with FIM installed

You can find the code on GitHub and CodePlex. Compiled, ready-to-run version is also available (on CodePlex). Of course you are more than welcome to send contributions via pull requests.

Before running the application you need to modify it’s configuration file (Predica.FimExplorer.exe.config). Just replace the initial settings with your own FIM URL, username and password.

Important (at least for those who will explore code of this project):

It uses our FimCommunication library under the hood. It is referenced as a Git submodule. So after you clone the FimExplorer repository make sure to also run “git submodule init” and “git submodule update” commands to download it!

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  • Henrik Nilsson says:

    Really nice!
    Was looking for a tool that easily allowed me to copy an object, not perfect since I guess I have export it first and then import it, maybe this is something you have considered for a future version.

    Anyway, thanks for a great tool!!!

    2013-01-18 at 13:53

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