Executing any XPath queries in FIM, the hard way

Being able to execute any query in FIM and get the results can be crucial when developing FIM-based solutions. Analysis based on real data can be very helpful during debugging as well as designing FIM objects to complete a certain task.

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Fortunately Microsoft knows this is the case and provided an easy way to send XPath to FIM and get the result set.
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Of course the above statement is not really true. In order to get XPath query results in FIM you need to:

  • Go to Search Scopes configuration

  • Start to create new Search Scope and fill first screen with any data:

  • Enter query on 2nd screen and “TAB away” – get focus out of the field. The query will now be executed and you will be presented the results in a standard FIM grid:

And this works. It’s not the most comfortable solution, but it gets the job done. However it adds a massive overhead if all you need to do is just perform some quick query/data checks.

Quick Editors Note (from Tomek)


Of course … there is still PowerShell which can be used here.


Probably most annoying thing here is that when one will make mistake in a query or in its syntax, or just query is not proper for FIM to crunch it, you will get only this error message:

Now it is up to you to figure out what’s wrong, which in case of complex queries might be sometimes problematic.

For now this is all I have to share with you. An alternative solution to this problem will be included in my next post. And yes, this will be another Predica open source project!

Happy querying!

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