7 habits of highly effective IT consultant

In Predica we believe where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity. To be that guy who sees opportunity, solves problems, we prepared list of what we think are good habits of an effective IT Consultant:

1. Keep up with newest Tech Information

Spend quality time every few days to search most important Web Sites and Blogs.
MYITFORUM, WINDOWSITPRO, ZDNET, BLOGS.TECHNET. You don’t have to read them all but you should know them at least by newest headers. This will help you someday – Customers hire you to be up to date.

2. Keep up with newest general information

When you go at Customer site you should be able speak also with non-technical people.
You should make them feel safe and feel good about themselves. You don’t want to be that guy whom other recognize as “human bits and bytes”.

3. Turn off TV Shows and turn on Channel9

Every week spend some few hours to watch some newest podcast, how to videos.
It will eventually save your time when project comes.

4. Every few weeks do some TechNet Virtual Labs

It gives hands on experiences with ZERO time preparation.

5. Keep up with latest tools

We mean from collaboration and productivity perspective. We mean a little more than newbie level. They will make become more productive, more professional, more organized.

6. Learn from Others, then teach Others

Write blog, create YouTube channel, and give lectures for free. You don’t have to be absolute expert to teach. Read “The Lean Start Up”. Those skills and attitude always pay off.

7. Learn how to learn

Read Fast Reading Techniques, Memorization Techniques, Critical Thinking Techniques so when variables change you know how to get them effectively.
And always expand knowledge

Tomasz Gościmiński

Predica loves tech community!

Did you know about this? :) That’s true. Most of all people form Predica are engaged with technical community. We share knowledge on forums, conferences, blogs, etc. Instead of that, our Board support conferences organized by community. Below list where we speaking and support for the coming weeks:

  • Global Windows Azure Bootcamp 2014 Poland – 29th od Match, 2014 – Warsaw, Poland – Predica is main sponsor of the conference – pizzas, gadgets, first prize in the lottery, etc :) Tomek & Domnik will speaking about Windows Azure stuff! Darek is main organizer of the event and MC 😉
  • Cloud OS MVP Roadshow – 16th of April, 2014 – Warsaw, Poland – Predica is main sponsor of the conference – gadgets, first prize in the lottery, etc :) Darek is main organizer of the event and will be speaking about virtualization stuff in hybrid cloud context. Tomek, will speaking about how to federate identity between private and public cloud.
  • Cloud OS MVP Roadshow – 18th of April, 2014 – Gdańsk, Poland – Tomek, will be speaking about how to federate identity between private and public cloud.

See you on the conferences! Feel free to contact us :)

The Day (that never comes)

One thing we really appreciate here at Predica is learning. Best if it comes together with good fun and as a part of nice and interesting project. And usually it is a case so learning combined with fun is part of our ecosystem here.

Members of our team have another thing tattooed deeply in their professional DNA – knowledge sharing and community distribution. This is why we are proud to have few MVPs among members of our team. As company we also strongly believe that if we share our knowledge it will be beneficial not only for us but also for our customers and we are doing this at every opportunity we have in our projects.

Because of this we have decided that it is time to start to combine these two elements and start to share our knowledge and experience for the good of community and to have fun from it as well. We are planning many initiatives to execute on this but if you are here you can see our first public one – our blog.

There are many blogs out there and probably Internet is hosting too many of them (at least judging only from a content of some of them).

So – why bother with another one? Well … we can’t give you a reason in advance – let our content speak for itself.

What you will find here? Predica is focusing on two key elements of IT world:

  • Identity and Access Management, where we are delivering projects on Microsoft stack (think Windows Server, FIM 2010, ADFS, Azure … )
  • SharePoint and .NET development.

What we want to provide here at Predica Team blog is our experience and knowledge in these areas. Our architects, consultants and developers will share here ideas, views on concepts and technology, technical tips and tricks and code examples. Something good for everyone then.

Enough said … call for action – bookmark IT, add it to RSS feed, follow us on Twitter. And we will keep information here flowing.

Stay tuned ….

… Yours sincerely … editor in chief … Tomek.

P.S For those who recognized it and for those who don’t – yes, this blog title is inspired by Metallica’s record.

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net